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Father and daughter after the previous serious hurricane to badly afflict Newfoundland, at Long Pond opposite Mun university, St. John’s.

Huge admiration and thanks to Doctor Fitzgerald and her team, on this island of Newfoundland for her brilliant husbandry of Covid-19 and variants as a shining example to the rest of Canada and indeed the world.

Also on the plus side, Canada leads in innovative technology it seems. A techie and his co-driver crossed Canada from Vancouver coast to coast to Mile One Newfoundland in their electric car, with a self-charging facility aboard 7% to 97% in 37 minutes. Total cost $400! Way to go!

Inspired by these two, I have evolved my own reductive process to apply to my digital crosswords, and the Jumbos in particular.

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… something Charlotte recorded at

Conservatório de Voz, Comunicação e Artes Performativas do Porto, Portugal earlier – DA

A little impromptu interlude from Le Nozze di Figaro – between Contessa (Charlotte) and Susanna (Inês) supervised by their effervescent tutor and accompanist, Paulo – go to 120 if you wish to avoid the preamble!

Her earlier rendition of Ave Maria. Enjoy!

Further from her under my Editorial in NEWS.

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1930 – Times crosswords

1. Saturday, February 1st

Crossword 1, 38 Across:

This elephant has lost his head (4) UMBO

2. Thursday, February 6th

Crossword 5, 31 Down:

Has driven many a good man to drink (6) THIRST

3. Monday, February 17th

Crossword 14, 16 Across:

Proust produces this if mis-read (6) STUPOR

4. Wednesday, February 19th

Crossword 16, 1 Across:

Theirs is a sort of pillar-to-post existence (7) POSTMEN

5. Tuesday, March 18th

Crossword 39, 25 Across:

This causes the sort of catch you would rather miss (5) VIRUS

6. Wednesday, April 2nd

Crossword 52, 1 Across:

Dervish becomes absolved here (7) SHRIVED

7. Tuesday, April 15th

Crossword 63, 4 Down:

In spite of appearances at the outset he’s liable to hit the rocks (7) FOUNDER

8. Friday, May 2nd

Crossword 77, 38 Down:

These birds may be found by beheading a founder (4) EMUS

9. Tuesday, May 20th

Crossword 92, 26 Down:

This tumbler might rob a cat (7) ACROBAT

10. Friday, May 23rd

Crossword 95, 1 Across:

This store expects what a gardener does to seed bags (5) DEPOT



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