Father and daughter after the previous serious hurricane to badly afflict Newfoundland, at Long Pond opposite Mun university, St. John’s.

Huge admiration and thanks to Doctor Fitzgerald and her team, on this island of Newfoundland for her brilliant husbandry of Covid-19 and variants as a shining example to the rest of Canada and indeed the world.

Also on the plus side, Canada leads in innovative technology it seems. A techie and his co-driver have just crossed Canada coast to coast to Mile One Newfoundland in their electric car, with a self-charging facility aboard 7% to 97% in 37 minutes. Total cost $400! Way to go!

Inspired by these two, I have rejigged my own ingredients on this my refurnished website www.crosswordsakenhead.com. In one day, did I apply my new formula from one existing Book plus 2 new Times Jumbo crossword books and 2 new for The Sunday Times – net result as I write, 180 Jumbo grids in place for the Times (60 with correct solutions) and 8 so far for The Sunday Times target 120 as I write! Curiously enough my new program which shields the bulk of the energy, displays a remarkable similarity to the current debate on neutrinos (all which oscillate but some are seemingly unmeasureable being shielded by dark matter, subsequently revealed by enlightenment where some are shown to oscillate and are measurable as well as consistent, concluding they must all have mass – it’s just a case of revealing them!! In the case of my new revised program, this remarkable phenomenon is displayed when there is a conjunction between across and down clues when the same value is held by both! Placing solutions in my newly constructed darkness, recognisable only by its parameters or extent of field of play, where it is required for the down clue to register the identical value to the across before the across clue properly responds on the grid, even though its correct value has already been entered!! Thanks Dad, your process of reduction is working wonders for me! More things in heaven, Horatio. Oh! the Bard, or Bacon, or the Earl of Oxford beat me to it! They had the right way forward too, it seems! Process of reduction to achieve massive expansion!

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David Akenhead CEO Akenhead crosswords and www.crosswordsakenhead.com under licence from Times Newspapers UK Ltd.

… something my Charlotte recorded at

Conservatório de Voz, Comunicação e Artes Performativas do Porto, Portugal earlier, now returned to further her promising career in Classical as well as contemporary Rock and Pop, in Lisbon and Porto after her short UK tour and spreading her light generally. I am very proud of her efforts continuing in the family tradition of universal love – DA

A little impromptu interlude from Le Nozze di Figaro – between Contessa (Charlotte) and Susanna (Inês) supervised by their effervescent tutor and accompanist, Paulo – go to 120 if you wish to avoid the preamble! Magic!

Her earlier rendition of Ave Maria. Enjoy!

Further from her under my Editorial in NEWS.

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