Coronavirus tribute to the late, great, Eddie Cochrane, early King of Rock, and Three Steps to Heaven

The formula for Heaven’s very simple: Just follow, and you will see: Just follow steps, One, Two and Three!

Step One: IsolAAAAAtion. Step Two: Herd ImmUUUUUnity. Step Three: No need for VaccinAtion

Yeh, that sure sounds like Heaven to me!: Just follow, steps, One, Two and Three! with due homage, David Akenhead, Easter 2020

Opening paragraph in an article in The Times of 16th April 2020 –

“Germany will allow most shops to open their doors on Monday and millions of pupils will go back to school at the beginning of May after Angela Merkel announced her country’s first steps out of shutdown.”

Contrast this with Trump’s authority on 17th April 2020, to permit State Governors in the US to do their own thing, and one wonders what was the point of all the sacrifice we have been forced to endure these past weeks? Personally, I am for opening up again, but only with the kind of responsibility advocated by the Mayor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

COVID-19 – LATEST: Encouraging signs from Newfoundland: 

From Dr Janice Fitzgerald, Chief Health Officer today, Monday May 11th 2020:

For a fourth straight day Monday, Newfoundland and Labrador reported no new cases of COVID-19, keeping the total number of cases at 261.

With 244 people having recovered from the virus, the current active caseload stands at 14 for the fifth straight day. As of Monday’s briefing the province has tested 9,900 people — 79 in the last 24 hours.

The province has moved to Alert Level 4 of its phased reopening plan, starting a 28-day assessment period as it looks ahead to potentially moving to Level 3 at some point in June.

Credit too to Dr John Haggie and our Premier, Dwight Ball for their wholehearted support.

Without wishing to offend anyone at this critical time for all of us, I fully endorse Dr Fitzgerald’s cautionary approach today, as I am equally inspired by both Boris Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer’s mutual cooperation in the House (also today) to attain the same objectives for my fellow countrymen and women in the United Kingdom as well as Ireland, and I am thus persuaded by the example of all three (Dr Fitzgerald deserves a medal, in my opinion for her superb handling of the crisis in Newfoundland) to try to keep politics to an absolute minimum in expressing my own views on the subject.

The important thing is making people aware of the dangers, and if we take Dr Nehgrin‘s worthy advice below, I believe we can at least avoid or allay personal risk with this virus to ourselves and our families.

You will find beneath, Dr Pinching’s response to a paper I wrote in 1987 in advocating a solution to the AIDS virus to his own book on the subject of retroviruses and AIDS in particular. I entitled my paper – “An examination of the Inverse Square Law with a view to establishing a postulate which directly relates the cycles of life forms to the Solar experience and in so doing deduces that a radical change is necessary if man is to come to terms with ever changing and ever resourceful strains of virus which are threatening his very existence”. You will see that he referred me to Professor Weiss, who sadly dissuaded me from proceeding further, since he said that mine was only an hypothesis, with no way of proving that there was any substance to it. Hypothesis then, reality today, I fear. I subsequently saw Dr Lau at King’s College, whose letter illustrates a little of my thinking too. Basically I argued that the reason why the green monkey of Congo had managed to survive 500 years was in its ability to contain the AIDS virus! How? I hear you ask. Simply by accommodating it, permitting the two to co-exist until the virus or the monkey died out naturally according to their own time clocks. We too need to find a way to accommodate coronavirus.

You see, it’s the tiniest living forms that are the first to live and the last to die in our living Earth. Listen to Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg, both in their own way, saying the same thing. It may be too late, but if we are to survive, the business of the World Health Organisation must become sacrosanct, free from the tyranny of market forces. The WHO has to be seen to be completely neutral in all its dealings, and whilst priority must be given to the USA and the rest of the world ending the lockdown, Germany’s and Sweden’s models speak for themselves.

International cooperation is already at its best in the space stations and at the poles, where all branches of Science are given equal credence. The Pharmaceutical industry must no longer be all powerful and all decisive, being but just one branch of Einstein’s multi-faceted ball. In my view, the days of the vaccine and antibiotic are numbered as this latest little devil is illustrating handsomely. Dr Peter Openshaw, Professor of experimental medicine, and foremost specialist in the treatment of dangerous viruses at Imperial College, London would appear to share my concerns: I quote:

“There are even hints that antibody to coronaviruses in general may enhance disease,” Openshaw said. “If the virus does not make you sick, the vaccine might make you sicker.”

“All of this makes us a little bit worried,” he added. “Even when we do have a vaccine that induces immune responses, we don’t know yet that it is necessarily going to be protective. We hope so, but it’s not as obvious as it would be if this was ordinary influenza. These are very deep and complex questions that can’t be answered quickly and simply.”

Clearly he is admitting this is a risky business, with no certainty that a vaccine is the answer, especially with ever resourceful organisms like the coronavirus, capable of mutating at the drop of a hat. So, how do we contain it? Sweden already has the answer, when I came across a copy of the Lancet in my doctor’s office some ten years later espousing my earlier theory in practice on the AIDS virus with considerable early promise.

My thinking is very simple. We need to induce a situation whereby the virus is allowed to die out naturally but rendered harmless in the process.

Being mindful of early disasters with electrotherapy, whereby rogue cells were eliminated at the cost of healthy ones, invariably earning that idea a well-deserved brick wall, I thought of Boyle, Coulomb, Ohm and Planck all at once! But Boyle for me had the immediate practical solution PV=Constant – in other words the elephant’s foot does not damage the stage but historically the stiletto heel of electrotherapy does!

My thesis? Create a sort of very low level elecromagnetic environment (to preserve healthy cells) for whole body immersion to encompass the brief life cycle of the virus, without inducing it to mutate in its own effort to survive, and thereby rendering subsequent costly and time-consuming vaccines utterly useless, again evident in my letter below from Dr Lau.

As mentioned earlier, Sweden was the leader in this field back in 1998 tackling the AIDS virus and it comes as no surprise to me that they with their double size population to Denmark are matching them and appear to be bucking their trend of isolation espoused by the rest of the world, allowing many of the businesses and schools to stay open in an effort to foster herd immunity within their communities, but paying the kind of respect to coronavirus recommended by Dr Nehgrin below. Longer term, I believe they will be as successful as Germany. My ideas are clear enough too in some research I conducted very recently, showing America emulating my theory as well. In a study of US Patents on 22nd March, I came across this: Click here: It’s all a question of the direction we wish to take now, and these guys are thinking similarly to me. I can’t help but feel that COVID-19 has been aided by human intervention. I’m not pointing the finger either specifically, but directly or indirectly we have brought this thing on ourselves. Big mistake, as Prometheus discovered to his cost and his own extreme fallibilty when he stole the fire from the gods. Seems we are learning that harsh lesson by the day. All the more reason to follow mine and Sweden’s line in using our own immune systems as our best defence, aided with a bit of biophysics.

Survival of the fittest deems that reproduction, or in the virus’s case, mutation, should only occur when it has the strength to propagate itself. Ergo, we must minimise its strength. Surprise! an induced (low level) electromagnetic field environment does exactly that.

The World is crying out for a permanent solution to these mutating viruses, and my solution provides it. How it’s done, such that eventually every home can have one, is admittedly at present the province of science fiction! But, maybe not. I revert anew to the telling lesson of the green monkey, and that coupled with Britain’s and Germany’s latest initiative is it seems to follow Sweden and create a natural herd immunity to the coronavirus. Social distancing is simply a learning curve too steep for the world, and there is no proof whatever that it will actually work longer term. Yet, the message of the green monkey is clear: apart from our fellow human beings, we need to live in harmony with nature and respect all living forms as well as viruses, and we need to act immediately before it is too late.

The biochemists must get their heads round the notion that if we continue to use the human body to wage war against our guests, the guests will inevitably trash the party. I’m not saying I have the answers, but I think the direction is right. I acknowledge too the dangers of radiation and the dangers of inducing cancerous cells, but Boyle’s Law is worth remembering for all that. If the field of operation is too limited or dangerous, then the idea perhaps can be extended to an entire quarantine room, so that the virus can complete its life cycle unhindered and unthreatened, whilst the human in temporary isolation can breathe in the fresh air and the sunshine anew after his temporary visitor has left the party.

People should now be questioning the wisdom (and possible danger) of a costly vaccine programme likely to take months or even years, and what do we do if the present apparent stability of this COVID-19 becomes unstable and mutates into something even more challenging, thereby nullifying the prospect of an effective deterrent, which might even be counter-productive as Professor Openshaw lists as a distinct possibility? Clearly in future, not only must we do our utmost to prevent these dangerous viruses mutating and wreaking their destruction, (allowed and, indeed, encouraged to grow, like Samson’s hair), courtesy of things like vaccines, but there needs to be a unified response from the World Health Organisation, to ensure we are all rowing in the same direction, namely to resign ourselves to living with this thing for the foreseeable future, and like the green monkey of Congo allow the virus to feel comfortable and unthreatened, yet in a controlled environment which both protects the patient and deprives Sansom of his hair in the process, rendering it powerless but unaware that it is, a delicious and subtle sleight of hand reminiscent of one of father’s old conjuring tricks for the Magic Circle! Accommodation and harmony, beautiful harmony, with our natural world, is key now to man’s very survival on planet Earth, I maintain. The man (not the myth) whose name was Jesus, was, for all his critics, a deeply insightful teacher, when he said, ‘love your enemies’. I concur! I think Johnny Cash would too, were he still with us.

People are alarmed by the sudden surge in cases in Italy and Spain. I am not, and as my Italian article illustrates graphically, from when I taught there, the family unit is very close, unlike other countries, and by that very fact, it was inevitable they would be hit hard. Church teaching too has its pluses as well as its minuses. On the plus side, the Bible is awash with great thinking, my favourite being “there are none so blind as those who will not see” Jeremiah 5 v. 21. Right now, we are all facing a perfect storm. In time, however, we may come to understand that befriending our guest might eventually persuade it to act in our mutual best interests just like the green monkey. Isn’t that precisely what Darwin was getting at? He was probably waxing eloquently on the subject when my great grandmother and father had him round to tea in their home in Oxford, those many years ago. I still have the lace doilies grandmother Helen brought out proudly for the occasion!

A final, somewhat uncannily accurate reminder, from one remarkable old prophet, today arguably embodied in one remarkable young Swedish lady, both lighting the way. Would that we may now heed them: “But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the Earth: and he shall smite the Earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked. And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins. The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” Book of Isaiah 11 v. 4-6. That’s as I see it a summary of my philosophy, and Greta Thunberg’s and where we all are presently. We need to exist as God intended us to exist and respectful of all life too. Some “experts” have it wrong this time. It’s our final warning. Have faith!

Enough! Believe it or not, we are far more intelligent than we give ourselves credit. In fact we are all walking history books, if we did but realise it. Plato summed it up beautifully when he said the business of knowledge is all about turning the mind’s eye to the light, but most of us eke out our brief existence like the ostrich with its head buried in the sand. “For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face” I Corinthians 13 v. 12. In the USA, doctors are advising would-be cases to take medical advice in treating cases from home, since the medical facilities in the hospitals are unable to cope. Please find below the recorded advice I promised to help minimise these regrettable scenarios. My only qualification lies with point 3. I am not convinced that animals are exempt as carriers, and if I were the birdman of Acatraz, I’d be handling that bird with kid gloves, or even better surgical ones, neither am I convinced that non-surgical masks are exempt from harbouring the virus too, and, in mitigation, support Boris Johnson’s solution of greater distancing! Clearly we must all adjust to a new world, but science and enterprise, in my view, can rise to it, and restore some of our comforts in the process including air travel and, indeed, space travel, and I empathise with Elon Musk in that respect!

David Akenhead

Monday, 11th May 2020

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