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Inspired by the movie The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne as the late, great, Professor Stephen Hawking, I took it upon myself to see if I could attempt to simulate the parallel universes he alluded to, with that classic moment, on realising that what was planned took a different course, when the girl dropped her pencil on the floor! It occurred to me that the arena that is a crossword is no different.


Our new Latin Crossword
Game – New Game 8 – Homage to Cicero! All of these games are FREE and can be found under Nital in Archive above.


Our regular link up to this Website courtesy of Linked-In and Facebook via active revived crosswords on both sites penned by Edmund Akenhead before he joined The Times assisted by DA. See Extra and Visits.


Our 1930 + initiative – See my revised Preface under 1930+ for further details – DA


Our War Years Project to include all Times crosswords published between September 1939 and January 1946. All crosswords to 1st March 1941 are now complete.


Our own expanded Archive to include free samples of digital crossword collections and games extracted from publications published in The Times and The Sunday Times to date. Extracted free samples of Sun digital publications, rotated monthly can be found on the Home page alongside Visits


Promotion of Arts and Culture globally, something I'd like to resurrect myself here in Newfoundland if the opportunity arises! – see NEWS and Visits for ongoing projects – DA

I’ll no say men are villains a’; The real harden’d wicked, Wha hae nae check but human law; Are to a few restricked: But och! mankind are unco weak, An’ little to be trusted; If self the wavering balance shake, It’s rarely right adjusted

Robert Burns Epistle to a Young Friend (Andrew Aiken) May 1786 from a land the Romans lovingly described as Hibernia (Winter!).

He could, perhaps, have pass’d the Hellespont, As once (a feat on which ourselves we prided) Leander, Mr. Ekenhead, and I did.

George Gordon Noel Lord Byron Don Juan c.v.

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STOP PRESS! Greetings around the World! Witness the announcement alongside and contrast the cost of The Times Weekly Edition in April of 1942, thanks to the critical newsprint shortages at the time, with the value we offer today! – DA

STOP PRESS! To announce my NEW revised operation featuring The Times and The Sunday Times and The Sun Computer Crossword archive with in excess of 10,000 crosswords and FREE sample games through to the millennium and beyond ‒ Enjoy!

STOP PRESS! Quality control is fundamental to my operation, as well as getting my programs to behave with mathematical intelligence and precision. However, if you, gentle reader, discover any flaw which may have slipped my attention, please notify me at our internal email address: and I shall address the matter immediately. Pleased to display (above) my last collaborative effort with my dear friend, Mike Laws, (Obituary attached and deeply missed) and the Jumbo crossword team before he left The Times, The Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword Book 6.

STOP PRESS! Over 96,500 Visits to Date! Recorded here from 164 countries. Our viewership has quintupled since celebrating 90 Years of The Times Crossword in February 2020 along with my own 208 clue contribution in reply to Brian Greer’s earlier mammoth Diamond Jubilee Puzzle! as well as the other Anniversary milestones of The Times crossword whose centenary in 2030 I propose to celebrate, along with another London marathon (hopefully) in support of St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney and all the Sisters and friends of The Mary Aikenhead Foundation and at the Heritage Centre in Dublin and globally, whose tireless work is as treasured as it has always been in bringing hope to peoples’ lives.

STOP PRESS! New Sun crossword samples as promised! Enjoy!

David Akenhead, CEO Akenhead crosswords, Monday, 24th January 2022

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