Going off course in tossing the caber, ran through the crowd (8) ABERRANT

Help a criminal perhaps as a matter of course (4) ABET

A crooner fellow in Oxfordshire (8) ABINGDON

Forgives Jack when he does what you are trying to do! (8) ABSOLVES

1 ac. It is a calm reorganisation in action, or perhaps reaction (15) ACCLIMATISATION

How interest grows on hearing of a sea voyage (7) ACCRUES

High honours for airmen (4) ACES

There’s a large number in retrograde Tabora in charge of discipline! (9) ACROBATIC

What makes the Arctic so puzzling? (8) ACROSTIC

Divine vale (5) ADIEU

Let in and let on (5) ADMIT

There’s much in a title (3) ADO

Consequences of changes at the farm (9) AFTERMATH

Scots gain for materialists (9) AGNOSTICS

An outside lie (5) ALIEN

What makes everybody turn to the chaps on the tee? A plot (9) ALLOTMENT

The whole people seem affected by inflation, but everything’s O.K. (4,4) ALL’S WELL

Invariably, say law-breakers (6) ALWAYS

Ian McRae’s upset the natives (9) AMERICANS

I love Kay like crazy (4) AMOK

Is a landau unusual in this part of Spain? (9) ANDALUSIA

Anemia? (6,8,4) ANIMAE DIMIDIUM MEAE (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)

Aversion to the beaten track? (9) ANTIPATHY

Put in a word for the opposition (7) ANTONYM

Apple-sinner Herbert tried nothing funny (9) APHRODITE

Add nine in the end (8) APPENDIX

Describing a standard feature of ancient Rome (8) AQUILINE

Judge in untidy bar attire (9) ARBITRATE

Their aim is to strike gold (7) ARCHERS

Have a care for the nut! (5) ARECA

Contend with some peculiar guests (5) ARGUE

Equip a fighting man (3) ARM

Advantage point in a tennis match (5) ASSET

Attic dwellers (9) ATHENIANS

Remus can only be found there after capital loss (9) AUSTRALIA


What a commonplace appearance Jacob’s father-in-law has! (5) BANAL

Transports for earthworks? (7) BARROWS

The mark of Kane? (6,6) BAYERN MUNICH

Providing outlook from “Sea View” (3,6) BAY WINDOW

Able somehow to come down and destroy everything with ultimate justification? (2-3,3,3-3) (Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 7) BE-ALL AND (the) END-ALL

Winnie in the nude? Sounds like it! (4) BEAR

Block order (6) BEHEAD

The beauty of Italy grows somewhat deadly (10) BELLADONNA

Musical mnemonic? (4-6) BELL-RINGER

1 ac. (Jumbo size) Thaleischweiler-Fröschen? (9-14) BERGRUINE-STEINENSCHLOSS (historically related!)

A place for riding in the roads (5) BERTH

1 ac. Sleepers rest (7,3,5) BETWEEN THE LINES

Our Town’s man caught by being at a loss (11) BEWILDERING

Hold your horses! debit curtailed? Awkward (4) BIDE

Bit like the Ogre grinding the Old Lady to make his bread! (7) BITCOIN

Peach (4) BLAB

Two balls at snooker – looks as if one’s badly beaten (5,3,4) BLACK AND BLUE Edmund Akenhead

What a bluestocking, strikingly, is not (5-3) BLACK-LEG

A bit of grass cutting? (5) BLADE

There’s no limit to what a sick kangaroo will do (9) BOUNDLESS

Unlimited advice for the excessively jumpy (9) BOUNDLESS

Tie me kangaroo down, Sport (9,3) BOUNDLESS JOY 

Nail to cross in Yorkshire (8) BRADFORD

Fine Scots half muster of pipers causing affray (5) BRAWL

The Bard wanders from side to side to side (7) BREADTH


Club porter utterly devoted to tea (5) CADDY

River crossing made by eight (8) CAMBRIDGE

Is a ram able to produce singers? (8) CANARIES

Even nine lives won’t save the cat from this (4) CARE (Devil’s!) Times crossword 2nd June 1930

Scots call on the pigeons to become singers (9) CAROLLERS

Authority left by an anonymous French caller? (5-7) CARTE-BLANCHE

Antipodean fliers? Disastrous! I saw coarse failures ultimately (11) CASSOWARIES

Stormy Atlantic is one scourge of sailors (3-1-4-5) CAT-‘O-NINE-TAILS

Warnings from cards? (8) CAUTIONS

Point of balance — in the middle of mass? (6,2,7) CENTRE OF GRAVITY

Madam? EVE! (mad am!!) (5,8) CHAIN REACTION

Springs on church cup (7) CHALICE

“Madam, I’m Adam” — the world’s first? (4-2-4) CHAT-UP-LINE

Poet has tea to cure indisposition (7) CHAUCER

He’s not exactly a worthless knave (9) CHEAPJACK

French three card trick? Hardly a ménage à trois! (8,2,5) CHERCHEZ LA FEMME

Waits for them (9,6) CHRISTMAS CAROLS

Not even house mice are stirring now (9,3) CHRISTMAS EVE

Hung up, expecting another call? (9,8) CHRISTMAS STOCKING

Cosmetical trade off. Why? (7,6) CLIMATE CHANGE

Most exclusive, this shop (6) CLOSED

Business as usual? Yes or no (6,4) CLOSED SHOP

You can safely put your shirt on it (7,5) CLOTHES HORSE

Stage director (8) COACHMAN

Assemble for prayer (7) COLLECT

The work of the columnist? (9) COLONNADE

Unwritten rule at Clapham? (6,3) COMMON LAW

Fellows fighting — like Lion and Unicorn? (8-2-4) COMRADES-IN-ARMS

A drawing instrument (9) CORKSCREW

Carnivorous variant (11) CORONAVIRUS

One very rich sucrose mixture (7) CROESUS

Bird needed at bar at opening time (4) CROW


Premises used by Holmes, for instance (4) DATA

Become old-fashioned and perhaps steady (4) DATE

Periods of world revolution (4) DAYS

Describe a kind of article without it (6) DEFINE

Prometheus bound by the eagle, or unbound by Hercules (9) DELIVERED Edmund Akenhead

“. . . or NOT to be” belated confusion everywhere it seems to this dreadful development (5,7) DELTA VARIANT

Curiously pre-dated déjà vu, all said and done (8) DEPARTED

Scoffing at father turning up in a dive (8) DERISIVE

It provides for a noisy send-off (9) DETONATOR

What comes from Democrat and Republican in US society, sadly (11) DISCOURTESY

Is off-putting to see Penny get away with Bob (5) DOFFS

Canis (3,5) DOG LATIN

“Terriers”? (4,2,3) DOGS OF WAR

It’s a give-away (8) DONATION

Posed in reefers? (5) DOPES

Garment for the Race of Man (7) DOUBLET

Worn clothing for an abstainer (7) DOUBLET

At the delta it was wet but not water-logged (7) DRAINED

Lack of water around Aden damaged a warship (11) DREADNOUGHT


He who deserves a pound from a novice (6) EARNER

Defence is the business of the world (9) EARTHWORK

Trump perhaps misdirected earnest with hesitation (9) EASTERNER

Be up to an aspiring debutante when out? (5) EBBED

Archiepiscopal vestment laid up (4) EBOR

No swank about this early record-maker (6) EDISON

Has the tide turned (4) EDIT

In bed it helps a woman (5) EDITH

Champion Hen Trophy? (3-3) EGG-CUP

German prince making mark of the cross (7) ELECTOR

Revolver charged? (8) ELECTRON

Angle for dignity (9) ELEVATION

Rival finds bird dead (7) EMULATE

Editors hold new leader over (5) ENDED

Hanging, for example (6) ENDING

Never say never, presumably? (6) ENDING

How to produce a dot (5) ENDOW

Following not so quiet penguins perhaps (7) ENSUING

Stage direction (5) ENTER

Makes the canter tricky for a ballet dancer (9) ENTRECHAT

Poems of the downs (5) EPSOM

Sequel to Troy and Colditz? Connection escapes me! (5) EQUUS

Bacon? Try a piece (5) ESSAY

How players get out (6) EXEUNT

They go out by direction (6) EXEUNT

Stage direction superfluous with a bear in pursuit? (4) EXIT

Oppressive money-grabbing as a wrong’un found among mad oxen (9) EXTORTION


A Southwestern State (2) FA (Southwestern College, Florida)

Wolf-cry (5,5) FALSE ALARM

As of old, he unfolds a story (9) FALSEHOOD

Speedy way to lose weight (4) FAST

Fall guy (6) FAWKES

Cheat, having hair in a bow (7) FIDDLER

Timber! Warning cry covers road and rail (8) FORESTRY

A rate for the quarry makes one dance (7) FOXTROT

Fair dos! (3) FUN


Look, a Newfoundland bird (6) GANDER

The oldest profession? (9) GARDENING (Adrian Bell)

Thomas R.A. is winner of a local election (12) GAINSBOROUGH

A form of inflation that speaks for itself (6) GASBAG

They admit being swingers (5) GATES

Orando laborando for (not only Rugby) grammarians (7) GERUNDS

Supplied with the information about four (5) GIVEN

ac. In order of celebration, the ayes have it, it seems! (4,5,4,2) GOOD QUEEN BESS II

Fine judgement makes sound sense (4,5) GOOD TASTE Brian Greer

Little brother is among the clinkers back in Glasgow (7) GORBALS

The Cheshire Cat was so expressive (7) GRINNED

Does it make aunt eager to buy the washing-machine? (9) GUARANTEE


A parting of the waves, perhaps (12) HAIRDRESSING

Term equivalent to a score of forty (4) HALF

England’s lion proves of sterling worth (4,4) HALL MARK

Strikes essential for circulation (5-5) HEART-BEATS

People in pursuit of a principle whilst tempting fate on the road? (9) HEDONISTS

Measure up (6) HEIGHT

Madam? EVE! (mad am!!) (3,10) HER PALINDROME

A shine’s difficult with this cloth! (7) HESSIAN

What host can make such an appeal? (4,4) HOW’S THAT

War time (7,5) HUNDRED YEARS


Card-player’s choice, perhaps? (5) IDEAL

Club for Hokey Cokey addicts? (2,3,3) IN AND OUT

Norse girl framed? (6) INGRID

Where I net about fifty fish? (5) INLET

Asking for batting sheets (7) INQUIRE

Invest in E-commerce ‒ very concentrated! (9) INTENSIVE

Quick to anger when the calibre is different (9) IRASCIBLE

Are there seers more elevated than ‘e, say you? (6) ISAIAH


No play here (5) JAPAN


Rook moves capturing a horse, one that jumps in more ways than one! (8) KANGAROO

Cannon Mark Ten? (4) KISS


Duty that England expected of her country (4,3) LAND TAX

Fat gives return of nothing on a pound (7) LANOLIN

Sign of amusement at missing man’s homicide (8) LAUGHTER

Does Hell supply material for one’s last work? (7) LEATHER

Instruction one has in hot weather (6) LESSON

Divulge having allowed aboard (3,2) LET ON

Late civil disturbance of the priestly tribe (9) LEVITICAL

Tied up in the theatre (9) LIGATURED Edmund Akenhead

Whose lost pocket then? (7) LOCKETS

Credit where it’s due: “Call me Mr. In-Between” (5) LONER

Romeo gets nothing right (5) LOVER

Avoid friction by changing clue a bit? Right (9) LUBRICATE


Hard going, was it for the first Scotsman? (7) MACADAM

Learnt in game (Scrabble), substituting a ‘C’ for an ‘E’ giving PROJECTOR (5,7) MAGIC LANTERN

The painter will come up at ten in the morning (5) MANET

In the long run, no honourable revolutionary (5) MARAT

The tribe’s matriarch is in the pink (5) MASAI

Elementary, my dear Watson! (11) MATHEMATICS

It might be made from honey (4) MEAD

Fun and games with Delta and Omicron? (5,7) MEDIA CONTROL

Doctor take in Ireland? A fine yarn! (6) MERINO

Have a thought for the bird! (5) MERRY

Encountered a Ford compadre hands-on type (10) METACARPAL

A flaming streaker! (6) METEOR

Aids to hindsight (7) MIRRORS

They are not expected to do homework (12) MISSIONARIES

Girl set on screwing the books (8) MISSPENT

Story name possibly to rival “The Monk’s Tale” (9) MONASTERY

Oysterman’s bats sanctuary (9) MONASTERY

Retreat more suited to Bonaparte than Ophelia (9) MONASTERY

The poem’s bad, lacks spirit (5) MOPES

Parade of bonnets (9) MOTORCADE

It should be able to catch a London marathon runner (9) MOUSETRAP John Grant

An old friend of mine and Dickens too! (6) MUTUAL David Akenhead


Of course poor aunt is going to recover (9) NATURALLY

Sounds like something a happy couple has never had (9 letters)  NINE LIVES (EA)

Two for Tea, we hear, and a guardian angel? (6-3) NINETY-TWO

Swells end so broke (5) NODES

Love of games (7) NOTHING

French shepherd’s last to witness rumen distortion by one of the flock in the process (11) NUREMBERGER


Following the bidding (9) OBEDIENCE

Wherein to find the young lady of Berne (8) OBERLAND

Force that gives one globe a new shape (6) OBLIGE

A Manx cat having lost one of its nine lives? (7) OCTOPUS

Occasionally switching (3-3-2) OFF-AND-ON

Culprit walking the plank? (8) OFFENDER

Musical state (8) OKLAHOMA

A classy establishment, but not modern (3,6) OLD SCHOOL

Scene of summit meetings (7) OLYMPUS

Oh my! Chronic illness reported with no supervision (7) OMICRON

Obi, heartless master runs into one trickster — distinctly out of character! (7) OMICRON

A send-up for boarders (2,3,4) ON TOP ONLY

Our obligation (4) ONUS

Looking on the bright side (and not new), Pimm’s No. 1 time in order! (8) OPTIMISM

Speech from “Love on the dole” (7) ORATION

Elizabeth I gets round to transposing an air (6) ORIANA

Money spent but not in song (6) OUTLAY

Supervised love poetry in French (8) OVERSEEN

Put too much weight on superior accent (10) OVERSTRESS


Verbosity adding weight at the end of the line (10) PADDINGTON

Quiet times for bookmakers (5) PAGES

Stateliest of homes expels one comrade (3) PAL

“Madam, I’m Adam” — the world’s first? (10) PALINDROME

Henry’s fish-wife done in going to Canterbury (8) PARDONER

French moralist produces a scalp (6) PASCAL

Sent! After Easter, consumed! (10) PASSIONATE

May describe a way to avoid friction between father and the editor? (5) PAVED

With dislocated hip Eve’s irritable (7) PEEVISH

Just shut up and write! (3) PEN

A suitable vehicle for Puskin? (12) PERAMBULATOR

Browning’s girt appears good at exams (5) PIPPA

Sound advice to architect of such a heavenly body (6) PLANET

ac. Silvery-white Ode to Joy, 21st Century style! (8,7) PLATINUM JUBILEE

Unsuitable entertainment for Father’s Day? (3,8) POP FESTIVAL

With it, junior flying officer latching on to neutron star lost direction (7) POPULAR

Its men-of-war get beached (8) PORTUGAL

Account number (5) POSSE

Musical passages for beginners? (8) PRELUDES

Staff of newspaper in Shanghai? (5-4) PRESS-GANG

Account number (5) PRIDE

Prone to crack! (5) PROSTRATE

Seesaw? Witness split lesson (7) PROVERB

To be, or not to be? As the saying goes! (7) PROVERB

How one can use a brogue to say the wrong thing (3,4,4,2,2) PUT ONE’S FOOT IN IT


Mark of approval for quiet when alien is instructed to return (5) QUITE


Regret not shifting car into reverse, he tells us (9) RACONTEUR

Go out like a light (7) RADIATE

Bit of a fall in the dinar or possibly the penny (8) RAINDROP

Heavenly bead (8) RAINDROP

Make a great fuss, as Eve had to do? (5,4) RAISE CAIN

No doubt the old roué would find it hot work to do this (8) RAKEHELL

Swim back from France for a Shakespeare part (5) REGAN

Learned man breaks forges with superiors (6,9) REGIUS PROFESSOR

Don’t go out with airmen (6) REMAIN

All French dream with spilt ink – Klasse! (9) REVERENCE

How turncoats retreat? (7,4) REVERSE GEAR

Money for safari charge account? (5) RHINO

Poor liar to be source of intelligence for Shylock (6) RIALTO

Lofty pull! Flying grouse hit! (9) RIGHTEOUS

Sound reasons for wedding bells perhaps (5) RINGS

Wine from a Spanish river gets OK in Germany (5) RIOJA

Come along, Sisyphus! (4,2) ROLL UP

In short, what’s Stendhal’s little game? (5,2,4) ROUGE ET NOIR

Increase urgency where presidents dominate the scene (8) RUSHMORE


Dead ringer for the Old Man of the River at Yuletide (5,8) SAINT NICHOLAS

Thus Alice demonstrates Frank’s law (5) SALIC

They cause uprisings of hands and gunfire, but nobody gets hurt (7) SALUTES

Conference material? Impressive! SATIN

Lively school-half with zero vandalism (7) SCHERZO

He can be charming to his mother (4) SCOT

Warmonger? (5-6) SCRAP-DEALER

Bowler seen at Dover – and at Boulogne (8) SEAMER

Supporter of late Queen (8) SECONDER

Hardly one’s best suit in whist! Or cricket game (8) SHORTEST

Armed alliance to regularize foreseeable issue (7,7) SHOTGUN WEDDING

They are continually on point duty (9) SIGNPOSTS

Melodious goings-on, so diverse! (4-4) SING-SONG

Hot-air drier by the Osric company (7) SIROCCO

Needed for deadlocks? (8,4) SKELETON KEYS

Mayday! Mayday! Heavens above! (6,6) SKYLAB MONDAY

Cunning of little significance outside Gravesend (7) SLEIGHT

1 ac. Canette à pêche? (5,7,3) SMALL FISHING ROD

Happy to be one of this beauty queen’s associates (4,5) SNOW WHITE

(Sounds like) the last thing done to a new shoe (4) SOLD

World-makers, all of them (5) SORTS

No one’s well out of these? (5) SORTS

Spinner gives potter a rest (6) SPIDER

What top people do? (4) SPIN

Daughter of the Revolution? (8) SPINSTER

In which Berliners soak? (5) SPREE (auf trinken! v. UK pub crawl)

Hors d’oeuvre at the races? (7) STARTER

Wildly I simulate, consumed to the core, vibes! (7) STIMULI

Worker bees make them, but one is helpless in them (8) STITCHES

Toast drunk to Christopher Sly, the old weasel! (5) STOAT

Puts up with objective dependent on zero American involvement? Remarkable! (10) STUPENDOUS

Between Greeks, it’s all Greek to a submariner! (9) SUBATOMIC

Music rooms? (5) SUITE

Brief her to take legal action (5) SUSAN

In which a dancer’s ankle was dislocated? (4,4) SWAN LAKE

How should a beginner approach solving the cryptic crossword? (7,7,3,12) SWEDISH TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP

I’ll be hanged! (5) SWING


Formal wear for dogs (5) TAILS

Exalted quality of Münchausen’s stories (8) TALLNESS

Scottish web of deceivers (7) TANGLED

Fabric of type rats ruin (or moths?) (8) TAPESTRY

Sauce with an infernal flavour! (9) TARTAREAN

Saw one of the team off then? (5) TENON

Her attachment to Poe makes her also write verse (4) TESS

One’s tried to set a precedent (4,4) TEST CASE

Therein Ted is tied (8) TETHERED

1 ac. (Jumbo size) Bergruine-Steinenschloss? (15-8) THALEISCHWEILER-FRÖSCHEN (historically related!)

Subject of Lawrence’s letters about border (5) THEME

Proposition for Merioneth not in order (7) THEOREM

The more disturbing proposition (7) THEOREM

Tea for Two? (3,5,9) THE TIMES CROSSWORD

Weapon used by cat to get a bird (8) TOMAHAWK

Having no head for fashion? (7) TOPLESS

A party of some weight if reorganized (4) TORY

One-man trunk-moving business (7,3,5) TOSSING THE CABER

Carry the device of our betters? (4) TOTE

Rover on land or sea (5) TRAMP

Oddly Crete not Italy gave us this art style (8) TRECENTO

They’re seen round some low Scottish joints (5) TREWS

The first is played by mouth, the second and whole by hand (5,4) TRUMP CARD Times Crossword no. 1,567 from 1935

Verity hurt, in retrospect, about Trump’s lead (5) TRUTH

Friar’s bound to be well-known to schoolboy (4-4) TUCK-SHOP

Lit up new bulb (5) TULIP

1 ac. Cost of a rag? (8,7) TUPPENNY HA’PENNY (my observation of the cost of the 1st Edition of The Daily Universal Register soon to be renamed The Times)

What you will play (7,5) TWELFTH NIGHT

Call it a day? (6-4,5) TWENTY-FOUR HOURS

How is Janus looking? (3-5) TWO-FACED


This elephant has lost his head (4) UMBO Times crossword no. 1

Having no defence, half the members are gone (7) UNARMED

Maunder about like the Venus de Milo (7) UNARMED


Caesar’s headless triumph of verse in ghetto haystacks, apparently (13) VERCINGETORIX


Possessions acquired by breaking the law! (6) WEALTH

Grace initially embraces, for example, Silas (4) WEGG

Mae’s resort clearly dwarfs Putin’s! (6-5-4) WESTON-SUPER-MARE

Resort supreme, sea town? Right (6-5-4) WESTON-SUPER-MARE

Courteous deception of a golf-ball in the snow (5,3) WHITE LIE

“Can I get there by candlelight?” Only if you hurry! (7) WICKLOW

If divided we fall — Adam and she both did arguably! (4) WIFE

Hibernia to the Romans, discussing who first to bury? (6) WINTER

Brass hats are decidedly feminine! (5) WOMEN

Flora’s rings (7) WREATHS


Mischievous minx? See Maestro! (7) XIMENES


Your return includes a bill for a boat (5) YACHT

Nobody grows this (7) YOUNGER


1 ac. Skull and crossbones (9,6) ZYGOMATIC ARCHES

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