What we have to offer here are residual free samples only from my Times and Sunday Times digital crossword library, and permitted beyond the October 2000 deadline of our commercial operation are any Times or Sunday Times Jumbo samples as well.

Our commercial operation, confined for now to just the one title below, is accessible through our E-Gallery at https://akenheadcrosswords.com/ reinstated as of 22nd July 2023. The link to the contents of my library are available in all the group categories listed therein. All items accessible on this website, crosswordsakenhead.com and akenheadcrosswords.com between them with the majority now on the above link however, are restricted to samples pro-tem. The item for sale is The Sunday Times Crosswords Omnibus Book One. The Times Crosswords Omnibus Books 1 & 2 will be added on 15th October.

Finally all other ITEMS and those not for sale (NFS), such as my mammoth Jumbos and those of Brian Greer and Nital, my languages ancient and modern game, will remain FREE items on this website.

I have expanded further in my daily News editorial. Prices are in Canadian dollars, subject to adjustment.

Sincerely, David Akenhead, CEO Akenhead crosswords

22nd July, 2023

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