About the Digital Crosswords on my new website

Inspired by the movie The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne as the late, great, Professor Stephen Hawking, I took it upon myself to see if I could attempt to simulate the parallel universes he alluded to, with that classic moment, on realising that what was planned took a different course, when the girl dropped her pencil on the floor! It occurred to me that the arena that is a crossword is no different. It is a device which can be completed, dependent upon the different skill, technique and approach of every individual and in the spirit of Professor Hawking’s observation, you are enabled to attempt the task as you choose!

Put simply, I have created my own Einstein’s ball, and I invite you, the user, to approach that ball from any angle you see fit. Gone are the days of saving your work on your own system rendering it vulnerable to outside interference or printing out your work and endangering our own planet’s delicate eco system in the process. Here, by contrast, we offer you your own comfortable domain in cyberspace, with ne’er a care in the world! Here, I hope my creations will afford you hours of gentle mental enjoyment and relaxation, and if pressures or commitments require you to leave and return at a later date, I have devised a totally flexible and efficient method to enable you to continue where you left off from your last visit, in our impregnable flying fortress! Feedback is always welcome. My email address is at the foot of this Page.

I’d like to dedicate this work to Professor Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Srinivasa Ramanujan, as well as to my late father, Edmund Akenhead, who was Crossword Editor of The Times for many years, and inventor of The Times Jumbo crossword.

David Akenhead

Designer and Author of The Times Computer Crossword, and with Sunil Kumar Mutaka all the digital applications on this website.

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