INTRODUCTION from the author: In the brief month or so since I launched the website, I have received some welcome feedback from crossword buffs. Principal among requests have been a desire for a choice between the offer of assistance, or in the case of seasoned solvers, none whatsoever.

Enter my brand new modes: HELP and NO HELP which I have now extended to the Crossword Games as well.

HELP: Crossword collections – simply enter your solution in grey, and if it is correct, or partially correct, it will convert the grey letters entered to black. Effectively, you are in command, and you are free to make your crossword as simple or as challenging as you please with all the facilities offered in my snowflake and below.

NO HELP: Crossword collections – virtual replication of the Book Publications which permit only correct entries or a conceded solution.

CROSSWORD GAMES – Note: No scoring scheme involved here, just a timer. I envisage them simply as a mental exercise bicycle!

HELP: Crossword games – a correct word will be immediately recognised and converted into black as with the crossword collections (above). Caveat: If you get a word wrong, you must return all the letters to stack before proceeding with your game.

NO HELP: Crossword games – any letters may be moved around, and even returned to stack if desired, until you, the solver, decide to submit your completed entry at the conclusion of the entire crossword. Whereupon, you will be notified if your entry is successful or not. Same facility applies to Help but in that case there is the advantage of diminishing returns absent in the No Help mode!

Happy puzzling! – David Akenhead

Features: New crossword grid indicating CROSSWORD, SCORE, TIMER, and SNOWFLAKE. Smaller crosswords are accompanied by a clue list as an alternative means of selection. Remember to adjust Zoom (3 vertical dots above right) accordingly for crosswords offering clue lists so as not to inhibit the crossword grid itself.

A: CROSSWORD: Is always set to number 1, but if part of a collection any crossword can be attempted – simply scroll and select. Activate Crossword by touch or mouse to desired clue on the grid. Where appropriate, toggling alternates between across or down clue. Your Clue appears above grid followed by ? symbol and timer starts. Note: the ? symbol is absent in No Help mode. Latter can be paused or restarted by toggling on the clock symbol or moving to another clue. Clues can be abandoned and returned to at any stage of the crossword without penalty.

B: SCORE: Solution may be attempted directly by entering appropriate letters. These appear in white in the first instance. Pressing Enter if your entry is correct changes the colour to black. No penalty is accrued – (Use Tab to jump a letter or Backspace for the reverse procedure, or if you prefer, type over an already correct letter). If your entry is correct without Help it accrues 50 points.

Help may be required. Pressing the ? symbol reveals below the clue the following: Concede, 1st Letter, Extra Letter(s), Hint.

Concede allows the Solution to appear for a forfeit of 50 points unless the register indicates 0

1st Letter allows the first letter of the Solution to appear for a forfeit of 20 points

Extra Letter(s) allows every fifth letter of the Solution to appear for a forfeit of 20 points

Hint – Cryptic crosswords only – allows a hint to appear which may include wordplay for a forfeit of 20 points

You can also set the Score at any number between 1 and 9999. This enables you effectively to reset your crossword should you wish to continue with it at a later stage. Simply a question of noting clues solved and previous score and using Concede to restore your earlier progress followed by the new Score reset facility.

C: TIMER: starts the moment you click on any vacant square in the grid. It can be paused at any time by pressing II whereupon the grid is shielded from further play, and reactivated by clicking on the black arrow key which has replaced the pause symbol. Should you wish to adjust the Timer to minutes and seconds of choice, (as in Score above), that new facility is also now available. 

D: SNOWFLAKE includes the following facilities:

Reset Game – enables reset of current crossword

Reset Timer – enables reset of timer alone

Solution  – enables viewing of entire crossword Not available in Games Mode except individually in No Help mode.

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